ISPCK Corporate showroom open Monday to Friday from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM

ISPCK’s abiding vision to serve the national church priorities has led to the creation of unique and innovative distribution models. This simultaneously delivers the twin objectives of stake-holders value creation and societal capital formation. This is manifest in ISPCK’s conscious strategy to contribute to the regional outreach in the context of its impact through the value chains. Expanding each year through its outlets of bookstores, booktables, retail outlets, church and theological institutions participation, spread of Christian literature and creation of sustainable livelihood is at the heart of this strategy.

The internet friendly community can visit the ISPCK website on, or Google us “Print Title-ISPCK” and track us on for online ordering.

Print on demand available .Please write to us if you are looking for a title we will POD.

In addition, the Society supplies high-quality items for the church i.e., a wide range of candles, vestments, clerical garments, religious gifts and accessories through its bookshops and mail-order service.