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From 1998 more than 6000 women have benefitted by ISPCK’s globally acknowledged Women’s Empowerment Programme.

‘Disha’ one of the most celebrated women’s empowerment initiative has helped raise rural incomes by energizing village communities into vibrant economic organizations. Producing clergy shirts which are being sold at several ISPCK outlets, transforming rural lives and landscapes through this economic independence. Women’s training programme helps in inculcating sustainable livelihood practices for women in over six villages spread across Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, and Uttrakhand.

Women’s Empowerment Programme — a literacy and vocational skills training for women at the grass-roots level is an instrument for transforming lives of women victims of human trafficking, climate change, migrant labour, widows or former sex workers. Educated and informed women become game changers in their family and community development. Women are given beauty training courses and stitching and sewing classes are in progress to help them take care of their needs and even earn some livelihood by starting their own tailoring shops. Their products sold hep these women’s financial needs.