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Cremation and Burial

US  4.00
  • ISBN: 9788184651492
  • Author: Arun K. Paul
  • Imprint: ISPCK/IISR,PUNE
  • Subject: Culture
  • Published On: 2011
  • Cover: Paperback
  • No. of Pages: Paperback
  • CD Included: No
  • Size (l * b): Crown


A Majority of Christians in India practice burial as a demonstration of their faithfulness to their Christian identity. Burial is considered as Christian and cremation as pagan; the idea of cremation is regarded as betrayal of the Christian identity. An examination of the tradition of Christian burial reveals that regarding burial as Christian and cremation as pagan amounts to misreading and misinterpreting the Christian Scripture. "Is it Christian to cremate? Is burial the only mode of disposing the body for Christians? What is the relationship between resurrection and the modes of disposing the body after death? Author takes the readers into a study of the matters of theology, history, culture, and context."