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For a Socially Engaged Faith

US  32.00
  • ISBN: 9788119434077
  • Author: Felix WIlfred
  • Imprint: ISPCK
  • Subject: Social Issues/ Liberation
  • Published On: 2023
  • Cover: Paperback
  • No. of Pages: 526
  • CD Included: No
  • Size (l * b): 9×6


In South Asia's fast-paced and ever-changing landscape, there is an urgent and compelling call for us believers to become catalysts for sustainable and positive change. We must grapple with challenges such as totalitarianism, identity, human rights, cultural pluralism, and religious diversity. The poor and the marginalized, who accompany us in our faith-journey, constantly challenge us to prioritize issues of human dignity, agency, equality, justice,  social inclusion, care for nature and stewardship of our environment. This journey nurtures meaningful engagement with people of all faiths to pave a path toward a different and renewed world and society. Christian faith engagement, on its part, requires a radical reimagining of traditional theological concepts on mission, ministry, salvation, Church-community, authority, and sacraments.
The current work consistently underscores the significance of embodying one's faith through a commitment to society. It represents an attempt to approach theology from a unique perspective.