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Faith and Praxis

US  25.00
  • ISBN: 9788119434619
  • Author: Viju Wilson
  • Imprint: ISPCK
  • Subject: Christian Theology
  • Published On: 2024
  • Cover: Paperback
  • No. of Pages: 202
  • CD Included: No
  • Size (l * b): Demy


Faith should invoke praxis. That is the strength of any belief system. Faith becomes redundant if it does not shape the outlook of believers and persuade them to take ethical positions that resonate with its values. Praxis enriches faith and builds a humane community of faith that exists as an embodiment of faith. It does not happen in a vacuum but through the chemistry of reflection-action. No belief system could remain appealing to the people without the praxis of its followers. They are the locus of faith. If we take faith as a living being, it does not fail the believers because it provides them with the content of faith and tells them the ways of praxis. If believers fail to embody the faith, they fail the faith in society. The lack of praxis among believers naturally leads the faith to social and religious 'death.'